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Features in Travel Backoffice / Midoffice Solution

Quick Desktop view

Gives a Quick Desktop view about the bookings data


Provides booking information for all services Flight, Hotels etc

Client Management

Manage Client information, Query-Quote-Bookings

Staff Management

Manage your internal Staff / Agent list. There reporting heads

Role Rights Management

Manage role rights for staff / agents

IP Restrictions

Allow access of Midoffice through IP or IP Range

Exchange Rate

Manage Exchange rate - Auto Updates and Manual Updates

Booking Source

Manage Booking Source for all your promotions ROI

Email Templates

Manage pre defined Email templates from Midoffice

Role Rights

Manage role rights for staff / agents from Midoffice

Markup Management

Manage markup for different services Flight, Hotel etc

Supplier Management

Manage Supplier list, manage payable balances to suppliers

PG Management

Manage different PG gateway details to receive payments

Booking Queue

Booking Queue Management - Provisional-Authorized-Ticket etc

Generate Documents

Documents in own branding for - eTicket, Voucher, Invoice etc

And many more features to explore, lets connect to explore in details
Travel Midoffice

Travel Midoffice Solution

Travel Midoffice Solution

IT4T Solutions offers comprehensive Travel Midoffice / Travel Backoffice system to operate both within travel agency and agency’s agent network on same platform. Complete integration with your B2C and B2B website to manage different pre and post booking functions and also to perform B2B related access and required operations through our Travel Midoffice solution.

Travel Mid-Office is specifically designed to fit the requirements of all size small, medium or large sized travel agency professionals, backed up by proven experienced team having good number of experience in travel solutions development. IT4T’s Mid-office solution allows agents to get all backend functionality available directly from one solutions.

All detailed information related to a booking is fully available for the travel agent in one central solution, any booking created on GDS or Supplier or aggregator for flight / hotel / transfer / car rental / packages etc is available in details under Mid-office travel solution by IT4T. Customer profiles, reports for financial, documents voucher / invoice / tickets / payment receipts, comprehensive reporting, and detailed costing structure for bookings. Mid-Office travel solution is complete tool to quickly manage company details, manage branches, manage suppliers, manage cost, passengers, itineraries, currency, tax calculations, documents, mark-up rules, role rights for users, manage agent, etc and independent of any back-office system features.

System is fully cloud based travel Mid-office and no local server installation as updates are done in real time and available to customers immediately once the updates are done.