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We provide B2C & B2B, solution is connected with all the GDS & Many supplier all over the world

Our development team already completed integrating with many supplier APIs such as Amadeus, Travelport UAPI, Galileo GDS, SABRE GDS, Travelfusion, PaxPort, Mystify, TravelBoutique etc. Our experienced team in the flight booking engine and travel portal development can help travel companies to design travel portal software solutions and integrate with flight booking engines, GDS and Non-GDS solutions.

Flight Booking Engine

IT4T is a leading travel software development company, good experience in flight booking engine integrating XML suppliers and consolidators. We have good experience in developing travel portals with different sales channels such as B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B, B2E, flight booking engine, and Corporate Portals. Currently, IT4T providing services globally and having multiple clients in different regions of the world, this includes regions such as UK, Europe, Asia, USA, UAE, NewZeland, Australia etc.

BlazeBE Flight Booking Engine provides the responsive design for Flight Booking Engine, with integrated GDS’s such as Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus, Worldspan. A fully integrated flight booking software, which takes care for the end to end business process, and makes sure to provide all required functions in the flight booking engine. BlazeBE is an online booking system for end users and OTAs to search and book airlines and get flights tickets booked with immediate confirmation.

Flight Booking Engine is not only about to sell tickets but also to increase the brand value of the business to maximize the average value per transaction from new and returning customers. And our flight booking engine with responsive designs provide all the required features to our customers.

Understanding the features of a comprehensive flight booking engine and its characters always help to increase values to the end user and portal admin. Option to search flight on the bases of, From City To City, Dates, Passenger, Booking / Cabin Class, Currency, Any Specific Airline, +/- 3 Days Search, One Way / Round Trip / Multicity Fares and many other options

Flight booking engine will display the result with flight details like, Airline Name, Airline Logo, Departure Airport Details, Departure Terminal, Arrival Airport Details, Arrival Terminal, Travel Time, Amount, Fare Rules, Flight Details, Seat Map, Sorting option on Airline Name, Departure Time, Arrival Time and Price, System will display the result from all the sources without any differentiation.

IT4T’s Flight Booking Engine provided with all possible option to include a number of suppliers as per requirements, and a system is designed in such a way which can incorporate any business requirements. Flight Booking Engine has the option to send quotations for flight rates to customers and manage customer queries in same flight booking software

To improve the ticket booking experience

IT4T Solutions provides unique flight booking software for travel companies. The booking system links different airline providers and offers a wide range of destinations. Solution under IT4T is already connected with almost all the available third-party providers like aggregators, APIs, GDSs, direct airlines, and even the NDC content.

Our flight booking engine software with GDS integration provides a comprehensive solution for travel companies. GDS automates the API integration process and provides access to booking mechanisms such as flights, hotels, and car rentals. Find the lowest prices on the flight booking software market. Our pricing plans are tailored to suit the needs of small, midsize, and large business organizations as well. With flexible options and no hidden fees, you can choose a plan that best suits your business. Order a demo today and see how our software simplifies the flight booking process.

Our flight booking software includes unique features

GDS Integration
Supplier Integration
Lease Management
B2B/B2C booking system for airline tickets
Single-use and return options
To order an account
User Management
Multilingualism and currency support
Payment gateway integration
Individual design and planning
LCC flight booking etc

How to create an online airline booking system?

Our team is working hard to build flight booking software that allows B2B and B2C travel companies to sell flight tickets. Display real-time pricing information to customers.

IT4T Solutions’ airline ticket booking system allows users to search, book, and pay for airline tickets worldwide. Flight booking software displays information such as flight times, route information, duration, layover information, operating airlines, stopovers, available tickets, and many more information. 

Ticketing systems benefit end customers and create opportunities for travel companies. It has a pricing system that shows airlines and seat availability in real-time. Ultimately, this will help them reach their profit targets. It is enabled by end users and OTA is an important feature.

Multilingual support
Multicurrency support
Payment gateway integration
Customized contracting solutions to our clients
Flight Search (One Way/Return/ MultiCity)
Cancellations and Refunds
Real-time availability information

What is an Airline Reservation System?

An airline reservation system is a web-based tool that provides a platform for integrating airline reservation information, such as:

Flight route information with stopovers and layovers
Availability of total seats
Seat selection
Ticket booking etc
Complimentary meal information
Airline Price Comparison System
Scheduled flight

With GDS API integration anything is possible. IT4T Solutions‘ Aviation API integration provides access to multiple airline information in one place and simplifies the booking process.

Flight Booking Software – Features

Search filters for worldwide flights

Real-time flight availability interface

Fares and flight schedules

Various flight search options – oneway, round trip, multicity

Flight search filters

Ability to search across multiple cities

Third-Party API Integration

Client Account management

Mobile compatible design under responsive design
Supplier Management
B2B Agent Management
Supports multiple currencies
Multilingual support
Integrate multiple payment channels
Update booking via SMS/Email
Personalized Online Ticket Booking System
Revenue measurement for B2B/B2C companies
Simple platform

So if you are looking for continuous growth in the travel industry, IT4T Solutions is the best flight booking software provider with our integrated GDS XML/API solution. We provide you access to the above markets. Here are some of the benefits of GDS/XML API integration for airline reservation systems.

Why choose IT4T flight management software?

IT4T Solutions’ flight booking software offers flexible travel planning and 24/7 inventory updates. Easy-to-use flight booking software to support your B2B/B2C travel business. It comes with advanced features like inventory and offer management, B2C/B2B travel portal, and multivendor integration including central connectivity with GDS.

There are also commuter and multi-city flights. It comes with features like ticket change alerts, booking alerts, customization and configuration, multi-currency options, multi-language, and integration with payment gateways.

We develop strategic plans for passengers and airlines around the world, offering competitive prices and quality service. A comprehensive flight management system provides fast and reliable access to booking information. That’s why we value customer convenience.

We use expedited methods to prepare and deliver high-quality aircraft orders. We have a leading network of transport service providers, GDS, TMC, DMC, and channel operators. This allows us to provide high-quality services to our customers.

IT4T designs, develops, and delivers innovative travel technology solutions for online travel agencies, OTAs, and travel agencies. It helps in providing dynamic features like combining flight and hotel bookings.

Our professional team has developed booking solutions to provide the best options for booking flights on LCC (Low-Cost Carrier) and other airlines. With our agent control system, you have complete control over the ordering process. An advanced launch control system (DCS) ensures sharp driving.

We analyze the potential of existing aircraft parking systems and how they can be integrated into existing aircraft parking systems. It simplifies the registration process and ensures hassle-free booking.

At IT4T Solutions, we are committed to providing flexible, hassle-free fleet management. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’re happy to help.

Airline Ticketing Software: The Best Travel Solution by IT4T Solutions

Airline ticketing software is a centralized platform that efficiently manages and optimizes the airline ticketing process. The software enables travel agencies and OTAs to provide B2C and B2B companies with an online booking engine that integrates with various airline GDS and LCC APIs to streamline and simplify travel agency operations with tickets. Use so we can continue to support that campaign.

Instant Updates Ticketing and communications management software can provide travel agents with instant updates on flight schedules, schedules, and cancellations, improving customer communications and reducing travel confusion.

Our flight management system has unique features that set it apart from other solutions. These include seamless GDS and supplier integration, integrated cost management, efficient B2B/B2C flight planning, and booking of return flights.

Our software offers user management, multilingual currency support, payment gateway integration, and customizable policies and procedures. Furthermore, it supports the reliability of low-cost airline flight booking and booking reporting. Our software is a reliable and comprehensive solution for travel agencies that want to simplify flight booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

An airline reservation system is a web-based software that allows a traveler to search and book flights through their web browser or mobile application. A system consisting of multiple global distribution systems (GDS). Collect real-time flight data such as flight schedules, seat availability, and seat prices. It allows travelers to compare and book flights from multiple airports in one place.

According to IT4T Solutions, A flight booking engine is a web-based software system that allows users to search for and book airline tickets.

Airline reservation systems are an important part of travel technology, simplifying the booking process by providing travel agents with access to real-time flight information, thereby increasing efficiency and giving them a competitive advantage in the sector.

Flight booking software integrates with Global Delivery Systems (GDS). These GDS systems collect flight data from different airlines and provide it to the software in a standardized format.

Flight booking software can search its GDS database to get basic flight information such as flight schedule, availability, and price. The program processes this information and provides an easy format for travelers to search, compare, and book flights directly through the program. This integration allows travel agents to offer a wider range of flight options to their customers, making the booking process faster and more efficient. Travelers can get reliable reservations.

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