Travel CRM

Travel Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What is Travel CRM?

Travel CRM, or customer relationship management software, assists travel agencies in managing leads, streamlining follow-ups, answering inquiries, and having meaningful discussions with clients in order to forge strong bonds with them and increase sales.

Customer relationship management software, or travel CRM, is specifically made for travel agencies, tour operators, travel businesses, and destination management organizations. It automates every step of the process, including lead management and assignment, query response, streamlining follow-ups, automated email alerts, and advance reporting to increase sales productivity and maximize revenue.

Travel agencies and travel businesses can manage leads, enhance client interaction, and automate company processes to strengthen customer relationships, boost revenue, and retain customers.



What is Travel CRM?

Travel CRM is Customer Relationship Management Software that helps travel companies manage leads, streamline follow-ups, respond to queries, and have quality conversations with customers to develop strong customer relationships to improve sales.

Travel CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is travel software exclusively designed for travel agents, tour operators, travel companies, and destination management companies to automate the entire operations such as managing and assigning leads, responding to queries, streamlining follow-ups, automated email alerts and advance reporting to improve sales efficiency and maximize revenues.

The correct software that is a perfect fit for your company must be chosen because there are numerous Travel CRM Software options accessible, each with a different set of capabilities.

In this time, IT4T Solutions is a leading Travel Software Development Company provides the best Travel CRM Software for travel companies to automate day to day operations such as lead management, responding to queries, follow-ups, automated email to increase business leads and sales efficiency.

Travel CRM Solutions For All Size Business
Lead/ Enquiry
Client Details
Quotation Building
Lead/ Enquiry
Client Details
Quotation Building
Generate Document
Company Management
Staff Management
Supplier Management


DMC Solution to Your Company

IT4T Provides good range of solution with many advance features under DMC Solution, here is quick points for reference

Content Management

Manage all content related to contracting

Enquiry Management

Manage all your enquiry, assign and follow-ups on those

Supplier Management

Manage all your suppliers for hotels, car-rentals, transfer etc

Centralized Contracting

System allows for centralized contracting Hotel, Transfer etc.

Client Details

Manage Client Information - track all query and booking information

Quotation Building

Add rates in quotation, prepare a quote in own branding documents

eMail Quote Details

Send the quote created on email to customer for review / approval

Convert into Booking

Generate the unique booking id after quote approval

MIS Report

Option to generate multiple reports for the bookings / sales in system

Set Follow-up

You can setup the follow-ups for quotes, bookings

Markup Management

Markups for different services and different agents / clients

Generate Scheduler

System allows to generate scheduler for management

Sales Channels

System allows to sell on different channels, B2C, B2B, XML-out etc

Generate Documents

Generate documents in own branding. Voucher invoice etc

eMail Quote Details

Send the quote created on email to customer for review / approval

And many more features to explore, lets connect to explore in details