What would be the cost to develop the Travel Portal?

Customers would be thinking on the budget to explore in the market as the proposal would be based on number of XML/GDS/API integration that we would be integrating. The budget includes, architecture, design, framework, HTML Conversion, development, integration, testing & deployment.

Our system cost is quite flexible starts with USD 2000 for a single booking engine, exact cost can be worked out once we comes to know about your detailed requirements

How customizable is the booking solution?

The custom booking solution is 100% customizable from a design and technology standpoint. We can integrate Airline, Car, Hotel and activity API’s into a single and mobile responsive site.

You can provide your own designs and we will build your site from scratch for you or you can have our design and UX/UI team guide you.

We are always there to help you from starting day one.

What kind of support do you offer if there is a problem with a booking; the customer needs to make a change, etc.?

IT4T offers 24-hour client support, while you will be the first point of contact for your customers; IT4T is there to assist you with any booking problems that you need assistance with. We also provide 24-hour emergency phone numbers for our clients. We help coordinate any issues the supplier and your needs.

What kind of solutions you offering?

We have module based system with us, and can be configured as per the requirements of client. If somebody is looking for only flight booking engine with B2C and not looking for any other services like hotels or car rentals and even not looking for B2B, we are here to give solution for B2C flight booking engine only as per customer’s requirements.

System is totally open, and you just need to select the modules as per your requirements

Can we take multiple payment gateways?

Yes, you can go for multiple payment gateways as well, and that can be totally configurable from Midoffice or Backoffice to collect the payment in different currency as well.

Time required for Travel Portal Development

It depends on number of XML integration as we would be working closely with each supplier and implementation, normally it will take 2-3 months or more depends on client requirements; it might be less as well if requirements are not too big and design of website is already ready with client.

Do we have XML Out facility as well?

Yes, you can go for XML out as well with the suppliers you are already working.

How much time does takes to integrate new supplier?

We have very experienced team working for all services like flight, hotels etc. and we normally takes 20-30 days for any new supplier which is not in our existing list.

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