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With the emergence of the internet and new technologies, the travel industry is touching new heights of success. One major contributor in this success is travel portal software. Travel agencies are embracing this technology to have a competitive advantage and to make the global reach. It is also expected that growth rate of travel industry will also increase.

Future trends in travel portal software designed by Travel Technology Company are:

Mobile Bookings: Low-cost smartphones and easy availability of internet are shifting more people to do activities on phone. Also, it is easier to book tickets on mobile as compared to desktops and laptops. Mobile bookings can be done from anywhere. Approximately half of the online bookings now come from mobile. And this trend will grow in future as the number of Smartphone users will increase. Therefore many travel agencies are integrating travel portal software from the mobile application to increase their bookings.

Travel Technology Solution

 Online Reviews: Customer behavior is changed a lot in past couple of years. Now many travelers read online reviews before online booking of tickets. Almost every traveler trusts on online reviews as they are considered to be original. Reviews have an impact on the number of bookings. So this is a must feature in a travel portal solution. This feature shows the customer is the only king. And it takes a lot of hard work and good quality of service to earn good reviews.

Virtual Reality: This feature of travel technology solution will be used by every travel agency and hotel to engage more customers. Virtual reality provides a 3D view of property such as hotels, rooms, and all the USPs that will convince traveler to book rooms. This gives an experience to clients before making the decision of booking. Added to the description of services, Virtual reality will be the key factor for an increase in the number of bookings.

All these features discussed above will result in a healthy relationship between client and travel agencies, which will result in the exceptional growth of travel agencies.