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With the advent of internet and smartphones, the travel industry has undergone a major transformation. Travelers’ demands and behavior is also changed. Now every traveler wants to book flight flights, hotels on his fingertips.  As well travel industry has erased every boundary and therefore has the global presence now. Any traveler sitting in any part of the world can book his trip anytime. Now, online booking of flights and tickets is in trend and has become a regular practice by travelers.

Travel Portal Software meets all these new demands of travelers. It helps travel agencies to increase revenue and customers in an effective way. Travel portal software allows online travel agencies to respond to customers demand with quick and easy booking, easy payments and a number of extra features that makes booking convenient.
Travel Portal Solution connects online travel agencies with agents and sub-agents, where they can view a number of bookings as well inventories. Also, they can edit and modify services real-time based on the need of travelers. Online travel agencies can track and analyze bookings. As well it eliminates every possibility of errors and confusion.

Travel Technology Company

Crucial features of travel portal software designed by Travel Technology Company are:

Centralized:  Travel Portal Software has a centralized system of booking. It becomes easier for travel agencies to manage bookings, agents, inventory, and customers.

Price Comparison:  This is one of the most important features of travel technology solution as it provides customer satisfaction. Travel Technology Solution allows travelers to compare the price of different sites. It provides best options to a traveler in his define budget which also reduces search time for travelers and customer make his decision in a quick time.

Advanced Analytics: Travel Portal Software gives similar options to a traveler based on the search history of the user. It makes search easier for a traveler.

Automated Process: The Entire process of ticket booking is automated. Travel Portal Solution allows booking trip with just a few clicks. Also, electronic invoices are mailed to clients after booking is made.