How Travel Portal Software Contributes To Growth Of Travel Agencies

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Travel Portal Software provides many opportunities for growth to travel agencies by making their reach globally. It helps agencies to increase sales, reduce operational costs and increased level of profits. It has made booking process easier and convenient. To survive the cut-throat competition of travel industry, every agency needs to have travel portal software.

That’s why these travel agencies are hiring Travel Technology Company to develop their travel portal. As online booking is in trend, the number of travel technology companies is increasing to complete demands of travel portal software.

Benefits of travel portal software for travel agencies are:

  • Accurate and updated information: Travel Portal Software gives accurate and real-time information to agents and sub-agents. It eliminates the risk of missing relevant information by agent and subagent. This helps online travel agencies to manage dynamic pricing and bookings. As well every traveler gets updated prices and status of flight ticket and hotel rooms.

Travel Portal Solution

  • Multiple Booking Options: This is one of the most crucial features of Travel Portal Solution. It allows a traveler to book a flight ticket, hotel rooms, car reservation, and cruise reservation for the same dashboard. Simultaneously it updates the status of each booking to the travel agencies, example number of bookings done, inventories available etc.
  • Marketing and Promotions: Automated emails of offers and discounts are sent to all customers at regular interval of times. Also for loyal customers, who travel frequently customized offers according to their travel history are sent to increase sales. It also helps to do online marketing and branding of travel agency by asking customers to share booking details on their social media accounts.
  • Perfect communication: Communication is the most important factor for the growth of any business. Travel Technology Solution ensures proper communication between agencies, travelers, and service providers. As soon as the booking is done, information is sent by mail to traveler and company staff. This enables flight or hotel staff to do all preparations in advance to avoid any chance of confusion and saves a company from facing any embarrassments.
  • Automated Invoices: After the booking is done, automated invoices are sent by email of the traveler by travel portal software. As well all information of bookings like confirmation, timings, product information is also sent to the customer. As well reminder SMS before the journey is also sent to a customer.

All these features of travel portal software explained above helps to deliver best services to a traveler to make journey pleasant.