How to select Travel Technology Company for your business?

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As people have started booking tickets and hotels online, the travel industry has experienced an enormous growth. This growth has resulted in increased demand for travel portal software as well. It is developed by Travel Technology Company, that’s why the number of these companies is also increasing. To choose a company for development of travel portal solution for your travel agency is a very complicated task. Every company claims itself best in terms of the development of travel software.

Following are points you need to keep in mind while finding a Travel Technology Company for your travel agency.

Age and Experience of Company: This is most important criteria to choose a Travel Technology Company. The older it is, the more reliable it is. Always consider a company which has an experience of at least 5 years. These types of companies will have every resource and the great skill set to meet all demands of your project. Generally, these companies innovate on technologies and their product to make their journey longer.

Number of Clients:  Always look for a company that has at least 100 clients with them. This shows company’s ability to complete a project. Also, look at the background of their client as well. A company having any fortune 500 client or any client which is an industry leader is the best company to choose for development of your Travel Portal Software

Type of Portals developed: Company which develops every kind of portal such as B2C & B2B & B2B2B etc is a nice choice to give purchase order for your Travel Portal Solution. This basically tells how dynamic a company is. The company should have the ability to develop a portal which provides a dashboard to agents and sub-agents as well.

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Online Presence of Company: Regular Presence of a company on different social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn tells about brand image of a company. A company having at least 10000 likes on their company Facebook page can be considered as good company. These things tell about how conscious a company is about its branding.

Awards and Certifications: Awards always speak about the quality of work done by a company. Any award winning company is a better choice for development of your Travel Technology Solution. Companies which are ISO Certified are also a better choice for you as it is believed these companies never compromised with the quality of services and commitment.

Reviews and Ratings: Always check reviews and ratings of a company on Google. A company having an average rating more than 3.5 is considered to be a good company for your travel portal development. Also, read reviews of their existing clients about a company. This will give an idea about the quality of services provided by that travel technology company.