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Travel Booking Software for Travel Agency or Tour Operator Business

Around 15 years ago, it was easy to choose from a few travel technology companies available. However, now it has become difficult to identify which system is good and meets your needs.

Earlier the scenario was that either you choose from 4-5 available companies (which may or may not work) or stay offline. Now, thanks to advanced technology and growing awareness among travel business owners to go digital and choose online travel systems. Most of the systems available in the market (decent ones and not cheap/low-quality ones) have similar features and functionalities. Which makes it difficult to choose. Thus, the identifier has now shifted from features and functionalities to stability, and up-to-date, flexibility to accommodate new features and Client testimonials.

In short, the system should ‘work’ and be able to manage highly complex and high-traffic scenarios. The system should be very trustworthy and one can depend on it for their travel business. Some signs that can be referred to identify if a travel booking system (and travel technology company) is suitable for a travel agency or tour operator business or not:

A.   Trust

  • If they have loyal clients, then their services can be trusted.
  • If they have old clients, then the system can be trusted.
  • If their client count has increased after going online, then the system and the company are suitable for each other.
  • If the company’s core team is still present since its inception, then the management can be trusted.
  • If their clients and third-party suppliers vouch for them anytime and anywhere then both the company and their system are a good fit for travel business.

B.  Customer Support after Implementation

  • If the company gives you an escalation matrix and its support processes are well-defined and followed, then the company is a good fit for you.
  • If the company makes extra efforts to support and train its employees, then the company is a good fit for you

C.  Features and Functionalities

  •   If the system meets all your requirements (both current and future), then it is a good fit for you
  • If the system takes care of your regional taxes and tax structure/ calculation correctly, then it is a good fit for you
  • If the system answers even complex business scenarios, then it is a good fit for you
  • If the system provides you with clear status in real-time, then it is a good fit for you i.e. How your business transactions are going? From what sources does your business generate most of the revenue? In which direction your business is going?

D.  Pricing and business model 

  • If the pricing is not too high (it will add cost to your business directly and immediately)
  • If the pricing is too low (low-quality of system and resources, and will add cost to your business directly/ indirectly and gradually) then it’s a good fit.
  • If the company is flexible with its business model and is ready to adjust as per your business comfort and preference (it should be a win-win for both) then it’s a good fit.


If you are pricing conscious while opting for a travel technology provider and travel ERP system, then the above-mentioned points’ priority will be from D) to A) otherwise A) to D)

Our company, IT4T Solutions, fits into all the criteria mentioned above. You may check our website and explore the system and services offered for the past 17+ years. Our system is stable and has been successfully implemented globally.

Choose IT4T Solutions for your travel agency or tour operator business transformation. Some of the major highlights of our available solution are:

Mid Office: Simplify operations with our centralized platform for managing bookings, finances, and customer data.

Sightseeing Booking Engine: Boost sales and offer seamless booking experiences for day tours and activities.

B2C Portal: Empower your customers with a user-friendly platform to plan and book their dream vacations.

B2B Agent Portal: Provide your travel agents with a dedicated portal to streamline bookings and access exclusive deals.

B2B2B Agent Portal: Expand your network and empower sub-agents with a powerful booking platform.

Corporate Booking Tool: Simplify corporate travel management for businesses of all sizes.

B2B2C White Label Website: Launch your own travel brand instantly with a customizable white-label website.

Travel CRM: Build stronger relationships with your customers through effective travel CRM solutions.

Multi GDSs & Multi PCCs: Access a wider inventory of flights and hotels with connections to multiple GDSs and PCCs.

DMC Contracting Module: Manage contracts and collaborations with Destination Management Companies efficiently.

API-Out: Connect your systems with ours for a seamless flow of travel data.

MIS & Business Intelligence: Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with robust reporting tools.


Contact us for all your travel technology needs and requirements through our website or drop an email to [email protected]