How to attract Corporate Travelers In This Pandemic

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How to attract Corporate Travelers In This Pandemic

Many countries are striving to flatten the COVID-19 curve, thus markets have been started opening. This has given hope to many businesses, thus business travellers have started booking for their journey. But now, the scenario is different. Now employees like to book a trip with agencies that ensure safety and provide the latest updates about their destination country. With travel portals, OTAs and travel agencies can design comprehensive policies for corporate travellers.

How travel technology company can help in building corporate travel policy:

  • Fixed Number Of Seats: As social distancing needs to be maintained in this pandemic. So the number of employees in a flight should not go beyond a limit. This idea will be accepted by the company as there will be less risk related to the health of employees.

How to attract Corporate Travelers In This Pandemic

  • Custom List Of Destination: Travel agents need to create a list of destination based on the company policies. In case of a possible outbreak, the destination can be changed at the last time. This will enable travel agencies to update travel requirements in the change of situation and employees will remain compliant to the policy.
  • Secure Traveller Route: Help companies to find the most secure direct/nonstop flight for their employees. Even if it’s a not direct flight, then search for a city that has better sanitization at the airport. By reducing the number of stops in a journey, travel agencies can reduce the risk of exposure to public places.
  • Add Only Sanitized Hotels: Make of list of hotels that are following strict guidelines of sanitization and are closer to the office. To make sure, you can make video calls to these hotels to check whether they are fit on the cleaning guidelines. The benefit of choosing the hotel nearby office is that employees will have to travel less. These two points ensure maximum safety and fewer health risks to the employees.

So, as the business will grow up, it will be the responsibility of travel agents and travel companies to ensure safe corporate travelling.