How Travel Portal Will Help Travel Agents To Survive This Pandemic

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No doubt that COVID 19 has heavily affected the travel industry as in most of the countries lockdown has led to shut down flights and hotels. People were locked in their homes. This resulted in a recession in the travel industry. Now the next challenge in front of travel agents is to grow and survive in this pandemic as the situation is still critical. There are many features in travel portals that will help travel agents to close new deals.

How travel technology company helps travel agents in COVID 19 pandemic:

  • 24/7 Relationship:

    There is a close and a long term relationship between a traveller and travel agent. Being available to travellers 24/7 and provide the information they want not only before the trip but also in the middle of trip strengthens the relationship. With travel portal, a travel agent can contact virtually with the traveller through chat, video call, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. Nowadays business travellers consider virtual meeting s important when they need any piece of information.

travel in covid 19

  • Providing Deep Details About Trip:

    As this is a pandemic and has affected every country in the world. Traveller, especially the ones who are going for business trips are curious to know every detail about the country they are visiting. Details such as lockdown, restrictions, advisories by government, alerts in their destination country. With real-time information, travellers can easily be convinced to travel. Also with a travel portal, travel agents can be connected with travellers anytime in the trip and deliver accurate information to the traveller.

  • Updated Inventory:

    There will be a huge change in supply and demand on inventories as every country has a different strategy for fighting with this pandemic. Many countries will provide limited access and some will lift all restrictions. So managing inventories is a difficult task in the upcoming time. With the APIs integrated into the travel portal, agents can have real-time data about the inventory. For example, if a traveller wants to go on a domestic trip. Then agents can easily provide all options and holiday packages.

  • Pricing:

    With the change in supply and demand, the price will be affected most. With travel portal development, agents can explain the value they are offering to travellers.

This pandemic has changed every aspect of travelling. This challenge can only be overcome by adopting technology and strengthening the relationship with travellers.