Travel Agency Software


Best Features to Build Your System Automate Travel Process Increase Online Bookings

IT4T Solutions is a travel software development company that develops popular travel-based travel agency software that automates sales, operations, marketing, and finances for Inbound Tour operators and Outbound Tour operators, Travel Agency, and Online Travel Agency to help them to manage bookings, and package customization, itinerary creation, and quotation management to make a large portfolio of travel products like hotels, flights, transfers and activities to increase bookings.

IT4T Solutions is the world’s leading Travel Software Development Company in USA/UK/UAE/India offer a travel software development platform for travel agency, tour, activities and attractions.

Travel Agency Software is a travel based popular travel software that manage and automates sales, bookings, operations and finances for Inbound Tour operators and Outbound Tour operators, Travel Agency, Online Travel Agency, Travel Company to manage their package customization, itinerary creation and booking to make a large portfolio of travel products like hotels, flights, transfers and activities to increase bookings.

It can easily simplify the process of online booking, inventory management, package customization, back-office management, itinerary creation, simplify business leads, accounting and more to helps travel agency to maximize bookings and reduce their cost.

What is Travel Agency Software?

The travel agency software enables tour operators to book online, create itineraries, optimize package prices, manage cotizations and sales, conduct business operations, and manage finances at scale. It is available to tour operators, including those who are entering the industry, leaving it, and operating in both the online and offline travel industries. ayuda a selection of travel-related products, such as accommodations, flights, transfers, and activities, to encourage bookings.

Which type of Software is used by Travel Agencies?

Travel agencies discover highly tailored travel software that streamlines the quickest process and lowers their operating costs. The greatest travel agent software platform is provided by IT4T Solutions, a travel software development company with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and India. By integrating some of the biggest travel networks in the world, like Expedia, and providing real-time online bookings with manageable resources, you may advance your company in the travel sector.

Why travel agents need to choose travel agency software?

Manage back-office easily

Increase business profitability

Improve clients’ travel processes

Manage revenue easily

Reduce operational costs

Multi-Currency and Multilanguage
Interactive navigation system
Help travel agent to manage business processes
It adds real-time travel content like documents, descriptions, videos, maps, and pictures to travel packages
It helps travel agencies to access detailed insight about billing, settlement, and reporting which is important for travel management companies
It helps in the management of payment policies, promotions, discounts, blackout dates, stay restrictions, and supplements
Beneficial for travel agents, tour operators, travel agencies, Destination Management Companies, and online travel agencies.

Best Travel Agency Software Features

Travel Itinerary Creation
Travel Booking Management
Travel Package Customization
Easy Ticket Settlement
Flexible Payments
Instant Confirmation
Group Travel Booking
Third-Party/GDS Integration
Multiple Sales Channels
Generate passenger manifest reports and many more.

How Travel agency Software beneficial for travel agent and tour operator?

Automate the travel process
Centralize travel bookings
Easy Error Correction
Quick response
Faster Integration
Less time-consuming
Generate Standard Management Reports
Increase profits
Increase travel business productivity
Track travel inventory and sales
Improve business efficiency
External transaction import routines
Get online payments

Here is the list Travel Agency Software Uses:

Travel CRM Functionality
Travel Contract Management
Accounting Management
Reduce Operation Costs
Instant Purchase of services
Availability check feature
Quick & Efficient Online Travel Portal
Auto-general email confirmation feature
Backoffice travel booking Management
Centralized travel booking system

Content Management

Manage all content related to contracting

Enquiry Management

Manage all your enquiry, assign and follow-ups on those

Supplier Management

Manage all your suppliers for hotels, car-rentals, transfer etc

Centralized Contracting

System allows for centralized contracting Hotel, Transfer etc.

Client Details

Manage Client Information - track all query and booking information

Quotation Building

Add rates in quotation, prepare a quote in own branding documents

eMail Quote Details

Send the quote created on email to customer for review / approval

Convert into Booking

Generate the unique booking id after quote approval

MIS Report

Option to generate multiple reports for the bookings / sales in system

Set Follow-up

You can setup the follow-ups for quotes, bookings

Markup Management

Markups for different services and different agents / clients

Generate Scheduler

System allows to generate scheduler for management

Sales Channels

System allows to sell on different channels, B2C, B2B, XML-out etc

Generate Documents

Generate documents in own branding. Voucher invoice etc

eMail Quote Details

Send the quote created on email to customer for review / approval

And many more features to explore, lets connect to explore in details