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Travel portal development is a very important process for every travel agency. There is a need for travel portal as it makes travellers capable of search for hotels, trains, flights at any moment they want. The features embedded in a travel portal and a variety of options it is offering decides its success.  The travel industry has experienced huge growth after the advent of the internet and smartphones which has led to the birth of many travel agencies and companies around the world. A flawless travel booking experience always offer a competitive edge

Vital Features To Consider During Travel Portal Development Process:

  • Predictive Search Bar:

    This is one of the most important features that ease the travelling experience of a traveller. For example, if a traveller is looking for a hotel in Dubai, it should give options right after 3 letters are being typed.  The search bar must be clearly visible at the top of the portal. Along with this, a travel portal must have a search filter option. This makes the search process easy and convenient. A traveller can easily moderate his search on the basis of filters to get the exact results he is looking for. He can filter the search on the basis of location, time and date, price and more.

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  • HD Images And Videos:

    Images play an important role in the decision of a traveller. The actual images convince a traveller to make the bookings. With images and videos, a traveller gets an idea and experience of the vacation. Nearby images of hotels such as beaches, valley or any other picnic spot convince the traveller to make decisions. Inside photos of hotels, rooms, restaurants result in better user engagement. Images and videos have become a mean to provide exact information to the travellers.

  • Social Proof:

    User reviews and ratings help travellers a lot to make their view about a hotel or a location. According to many surveys, it has been found that up to 95% of travellers read user reviews while making choices. As every traveller dreams of a seamless and vest travelling experience, therefore they consider reviews that are good. So for better user engagement, unbiased user reviews must be added to the portal. Properties on travel portal with no reviews are not considered to be reliable and trustworthy. Every travel technology company is now focusing on integrating filters with ratings. For example, the same hotel can have different ratings on cleanliness, food, service, location, view, comfort, and neighbourhood and so on.

With these features, you can make travelling experience easier and convenient.