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The travel industry is growing at its pace every day. It has now become an important contributor to the GDP of many countries. All credit behind this growth goes to mobile apps and internet that have made travelling easier than the conservative method of travelling. There are thousands of travelling app listed on play store and AppStore, but only some of them are loved by travellers. The reason behind this is the features travelling app has. Not only these apps have a great user interface but also a set of innovative features that makes a traveller eager to use it.


Features Of Travel Apps That Travel Technology Company Must Include:


  • Filter In Search Bar: A search bar in a travelling app makes the search for a traveller easier. But when it includes several filters, then user start loving that app. A search filter enables the traveller to restrict the search on the basis of location, time, pricing, Reviews etc. Thus, it fetches them the exact results they are expecting. This feature enhances the user experience. For example, a traveller is planning to go to a particular location but there is a budget limit. So search filter of pricing will help him to see the list of hotels that are under his budgeted pricing range.

features of travel app

  • Payment Methods: With the digitalization of payment methods, it has led to multiple payment options. Multiple payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking, mobile wallet, Paypal, UPI. This makes it convenient for travellers to pay for their bookings. Along with this, there should be multiple payment gateways integrated into the app. This feature makes sure there are minimum chances of payment failure from the traveller end. This feature is also focussed on the user experience. The fewer difficulties a traveller will face with payments, the more he is going to love the app.
  • Integration Of Maps: This feature is being loved by travellers who want to explore the nearby areas of their journey. A map in a travel app will help a traveller to search for the tourist spots, nearby train, metro, bus stations, restaurants and more. This feature also tells them the time and distance of their journey from their location. Along with this, there should be a feature of Geolocation Tracking Services. This feature tracks the location of travellers and gives them an idea about nearby hotels to check-in or restaurants.

While you are planning to have a travelling app for your business, meet travel technology consultants for proper planning and execution. Their guidance and the features mentioned above will make your travel app loved by travellers all over the world.