Emerging Travel technology Trends Amid Covid19

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Technology is the backbone of the travel industry. The novel coronavirus has impacted the travel industry in a bad way. The flights were stopped in every country and the lockdown was enforced. With the passage of time relaxations were given. But still, there is a lot to do to recover the travel industry. The expectations of the travellers have also changed.

Key Travel Technology trends:

Voice Search: With the voice search features in the search engine like Google and AI assistant speakers like Alexa, travellers have now started booking tickets using voice search. So it is now becoming crucial for the travel companies to build their mobile apps and websites that have this feature so that they can capitalise on this trend. Many hotels are also using this voice feature to facilitate the guest to control temperature and lighting of the hotel rooms.
Contactless Payments: This is also going to be the next big thing in the travel industry. The contactless payment saves a lot of time and often more convenient than the traditional payment methods. Payment is also processed more quickly. This feature is in demand in this COVID 19 era. As travellers are unwilling to carry cash, this feature offers them safety.

Virtual Reality: VR has been emerging technology for the travel industry. Integrated VR in travel portal development is loved by travellers. It gives them the option to explore hotel rooms and nearby sightseeing spots. Thus it gives the traveller an idea about their destination. VR also makes travellers able to experience their desired locations from the comfort of their home.
Chatbots: A chatbot has emerged as real-time help for travellers. It helps travellers with the common problems and queries they are experiencing. AI chatbot provides realtime answers to the travellers 24/7. Now they have become a mandatory part as travellers right now expects real-time answers of their questions. Also, in this covid 19 era, AI chatbot has helped a lot of travellers thus also maintaining safety measures.
Big Data: Big data has helped the travel industry a lot in growing. With the help of big data and
b2b travel software, travel companies have offered customized tour plans for their customers which are also liked by the travellers.