How BlazeBe Helping Travel Agencies to Increase Their Revenue?

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BlazeBe has helped travel companies and agencies to reach global travelers and providing great growth opportunities to them. In this tough competition, BlazeBe helps travel agencies to generate leads and capture more sales and revenue, which is now mandatory to survive in the industry. It is now considered as one of most successful travel portal software to achieve success in the travel industry.

Benefits of Travel Technology Company to travel agencies are:

  • Range Of Services: BlazeBe is a travel portal software that provides a broad range of services to travelers and travel agencies. It has an integrated hotel booking engine, flight booking engine, car booking engine, cruise booking engine. There is a single platform which meets all demands of travelers across the world. It enables real-time update of bookings done by travelers.
  • Accurate and Consistent Information: It provides every kind of information to travelers and agencies with complete accuracy. Thus avoiding any kind of confusion. Travel agencies easily manage bookings with this information. Also, at the same time information is provided to sub-agents and channel partners.

Travel Portal Software

  • Online Marketing: BlazeBe is a Travel Portal Solution that consistently sends offers and deals to travelers and potential customers through emails and SMS. It updates data of customers every day. Also, its advanced analytics analyses customer behavior and sends customized deals to customers which result in increased conversion rate.
  • Easy Documentation: As everyday number of hotels and flight bookings are increased, it has also increased documentation process. Travel Technology Solution has made all documentation such as invoice, trip information, booking details, easy. All these are automated now. It has eliminated all pen and paperwork, which is a big relief to all travel agencies.
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction: BlazeBe has improved customer satisfaction as the traveler has a pleasant experience right from booking the trip to the time of trip completion. As booking process has become easier and all things are managed in advance be travel agencies, so customer loyalty and satisfaction has improved.

All above-mentioned benefits of BlazeBe have helped travel agencies to control their business. It has helped travel agencies to take their business at next level of growth and technology.