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B2C Booking Engine in UK

Manage travel reservations with the B2C Travel Booking Portal.

IT4T Solutions provides B2C Travel portals that work for any size business, big or small, or medium. Business travel operations becoming simpler and better under the solutions provided by IT4T Solutions.

Our B2C Booking System provides the necessary tools to expedite and simplify the booking process for all types of customers. The corporate or end-user travel booking engine is a crucial component of any travel website; comprehensive software that enables direct sales of tourism-related goods on a business’s travel portal is something big add-on asset to any OTAs, and where we as IT4T Solutions stand very strong in the market to provide all extensive solutions to the OTAs all over the world.

The B2C booking engine software from IT4T Solutions enables clients to give their customers the options to look and book travel online whenever they want, with ease of payment process and immediate booking confirmations over email and mobile intimations via SMS and WhatsApp. 

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) can combine and resell inventory from several API suppliers while also adding their own markups by utilizing the sophisticated travel consolidation features of IT4T Solutions’ online travel reservation and management system.  We provide online travel booking solutions, including transfers, flights, experiences, hotel bookings, and car rentals, etc.

According to your preferences, features like payment gateways can also be included. Additionally, our customers have access to live chat and feedback options to quickly address the demands of their clients. We provide B2B & B2C (business-to-business and business-to-consumer) travel portal development services.

Global business expansion is crucial for continued business success because it can increase your customer ratio. We have knowledgeable and skilled staff to create a B2B and B2C travel gateway specifically for your company. Please feel free to get in touch with us for all of your travel portal development needs, including travel reservation software, travel agency software, GDS integration, consolidator integration, flight booking systems, hotel booking systems, bus booking systems, and car booking systems. Our highly experienced team is also available to help you with any other needs you may have.

B2C Travel Portal Offers Exceptional Booking Experience 

IT4T Solutions is a company that develops responsive software for B2C travel portals. We provide you with a B2C travel portal development option that is practical for the customer. You will receive a greater customer turn-around percentage as a result. We provide B2C booking software so that customers may directly browse, pick, and book tickets online. Our B2C travel website functions as an online booking tool with modules for flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, packages etc.

It gathers and disseminates data about travel, lodging, automobiles, and packages to international B2C clients so they may browse and make online reservations. Our B2C travel portal creation is a powerful tool for connecting with customers and boosting your business’s earnings. Your business is exposed to a global customer base and market through our travel platform.

Several product sources are connected through our online booking engine integration so that prices and availability can be displayed on your website. Our technology immediately provides current information on hotels, rental cars, flights, and vacation packages. Our B2C Travel portal development solution is a feature-rich and potent web-based reservation solution.

This is referred to as Business-to-Consumer Air Travel Ticket Booking Web App Software Development. Its architecture, which was developed for the B2C travel industry, is fully compatible with GDS, ticket aggregators for hotels and airlines, as well as other third-party APIs.

This is the most efficient travel portal software solution because it offers comprehensive travel operations under one solution. Therefore, picking our B2C Air travel ticket booking web App software development for Business will be a wise choice if you are in the travel industry and want to expand quickly.

For travel agents, travel agencies, tour operators, travel firms, and travel organizations, it develops XML-based travel portals. Our travel portals can be integrated with a number of real-time APIs for flights, hotels, and rental vehicles. We have a skilled team to create a B2C travel portal specifically for your travel business.

Leading the Industry Forward to Create a Better Travel Future | IT4T Solutions

Customers can make online reservations, create their own hotel bookings and flight tickets, view the history of their reservations and payments, and request cancellations or amendments at any time and from any location using the software provided by IT4T Solutions under B2C Travel Booking Engine.

To assure the greatest quality, our B2C reservation engine was built and constructed using the most recent technologies. We will take care of the IT infrastructure, including servers, bandwidth, and performance; with proper server backups and server usage management.

Our staff attests to our ability to create a booking engine specifically designed for your business based on our vast expertise in creating travel booking systems for various clients throughout the world.

The B2C Portal Solution is made for businesses looking to boost profits by selling directly to consumers. We offer development services for B2C and B2B travel web application development as well as travel API integration for hotel, car, flight, holiday, tour, and gateway integration bookings. 

We provide cutting-edge OTA services for the building of B2C and B2B travel portals with GDS/API/XML connectivity. It is a maker of web-based travel portal software and online reservations. For all types of clients, our B2B travel portal Engine streamlines and expedites the booking process. As a result of our team’s in-depth understanding of the requirements specific to the travel industry, we were able to construct sophisticated business logic in an environment that was both user-friendly and easy to use.

The services we give on the company website can be beneficial in a variety of ways, particularly when they include the chance to control and market one’s own travel goods to places where we are adept at offering offers. 

We already have many customers in United Kingdom, which are located under different locations in United Kingdom, such as Bournemouth,  London, Bermondsey, Middlesex, Brighton etc.

Our work benefits

Our Cloud based Travel Booking Engine / Travel Booking Software give you many features to enhance your customer experience which ultimately attached with your brand values. Below are some of quick listed features under Travel Flight Booking Engine Software

Responsive design with HTML5 and CSS3

Real time availability from GDS / Suppliers

Quick Booking Steps – Search, Review Fare Rules, Pay, Book

Multi-Language & Multi-Currency website

Auto Booking Confirmation emails

Client Login

Multiple flight routes options with different prices

Filtration based on stops, refundable, direct, travel time etc.

Cloud Based Travel Booking Engine Software for Flights
Markup Management
Airline Class / Booking Class / Price Range Markups
Supplier Management
IP Tracking for Currency and Language
Multi API integrations (GDS, Supplier, Aggregators)
Multiple Payment Gateway for different Currency
Dedicated resource hiring option
Fully Customizable
Promotional Pages Creation from CMS
And many more features to explore, lets connect to explore in details

Why Choose Us:-

As we all know, the world is going digital at a very fast pace and as London’s best travel software solutions company, we understand the value of any business travel agency. A travel agency is not only a collection of your customers but it is the face of your business. We’ll create a travel portal that matches your brand identity, places you on the search engines, and assures potential consumers that you’re the best when they click through to your site.

When we design your travel software, we take care of all the things “user-friendly, mobile responsive, easy to navigate by the user” etc.

User Friendly:- User friendly software is the most important part of any software, if your software is difficult to navigate and understand then you may lose your potential customers. Your software should be easy to understand so that users can spend more time on your software.

Mobile Responsive:- This is done to make your website open on all devices, all users have different phones, laptops and desktops. And the screen size of all these is also different. Your software should open properly everywhere so it is important to be mobile responsive.

Mission:- IT4T Solutions is working with the mission “Travel Software for Everyone’s Travel Agency”. We want to provide a software for all travel business owners so that every businessman can expand his business worldwide. With this mission, we have provided a lot of software and helped in promoting the business.

Where are we located:- We are physically located in India (Noida) and UK, United Kingdom where you can visit and discuss your ideas. We are a global service provider and are now launching our new office in London, United Kingdom.

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