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Travel industry is very competitive nowadays; travel companies have to offer quality services to survive competition. That’s why back end operations are considered to be important pillar of travel agency as it gives satisfactory experience to travelers. So, automation of back office is crucial as it kills probability of errors and simultaneously it resolves issues and problems faced by travelers.

Backend operations include activities like customer support, invoicing, booking, enquiry responses, cancellation and refunds, managing suppliers, report generation etc. This concludes that for a travel agency, back office operations are as much important as front end operations are. Automating all these activities will save a lot of work of management staff, which in turn will make them more productive. Customer satisfaction will also improve as chances of errors will be negligible.

Backend operations that are automated by BlazeBe are:

Invoicing and billing: BlazeBe, A Travel Portal Software automatically calculates prices and sends invoice to client on his email. These calculations need a lot of manual efforts and time, thus automation saves time of employees. Reports of bookings and invoices are also updated real-time, so tracking of payment and revenue becomes easier.

Refunds and Cancellation: This activity is really time consuming and requires a lot if effort. The automated process updates cancelled trips real-time and make it available for other travelers. Refunded amount is automatically transferred to same account from which payment was made.

Automate your back-end operation with BlazeBe

Agent’s commission: Travel Technology Solution tracks the progress of all bookings from route of agents real-time. At month end it calculates revenue generated by every agent, number of bookings and commission amount. Amount is transferred into bank account of an agent. It also provides user details to every agent, thus facilitating them to check their commission amount anytime they want.

Travelers Feedback:  BlazeBe always asks for feedback and comments of travelers after completion of their journey. Also, it sends promotional mails to clients to increase bookings.

BlazeBe is travel technology solution developed by leading travel technology company IT4T Solutions. Its mid office and back office solutions has all discussed features in it.