How have advance features of flight reservation system improved customer experience?

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Innovation is the key factor for the success of any business. Updating the features of a product to improve quality is required to survive the competition. The airline industry is witnessing continuous innovations to improve the booking process and to deliver the better experience to travelers. Every day, the number of feature and options are increased right from booking of tickets to ordering of meals in flight. All these changes are done to improve customer experience with the journey.

The significance of the Flight Reservation System by Travel Technology Company is:

Exact Search Results: Booking a flight ticket is a monotonous task. Earlier, travelers had to search a lot to get exactly what they want. But now, it’s quite easy to find by filtering search results. Flight booking software shows options of booking one way, round trip, and multi-city tickets. It lets travelers filter results on basis of:


  • Time: Search results can be modified on the basis of the convenient time of travelers. Travelers can access results by choosing their time zone such as morning, early morning, afternoon, evening, night. It is beneficial for business travelers as it saves their time, they just need to select only their preferred time zone and they can book a ticket from multiple search options.


  • Airline Company: Nowadays travelers are loyal to brands. They are very particular about it. So, travelers can directly select their preferred brand of airline and can book the ticket.

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  • Number of Stops: Online flight reservation system lets travelers choose flights on basis of stops like no stop (direct), one stop or two stop. Travelers who are short of the time prefer no stop flights and travelers who like to visit and travel different places consider one stop or two stop flights.


  • Prices: Travelers can filter search results on basis of prices. They can select a range of minimum and maximum prices and get options of flights in that range. This basically gives them value for money as generally, travelers select the best option in their defined budget.


All these filter options help in the quick booking of flight tickets and save the time of travelers.

Advance Seat Booking Feature:
Many times travelers get the middle seat which generally people don’t like while traveling alone or travelers don’t get their preferred seat. Sometimes it also happens that you sit 3-4 rows away from your family on the same flight. These types of situations somewhere sour the travel experience. Flight reservation system lets travelers decide their own seat. While booking the ticket they can have access to the seating plan of the flight and book the desired one. This feature results in increased number of flight tickets.

flight seat plan

Communication on WhatsApp: With more than 1 billion users in the world and 200 million-plus users in India, WhatsApp is most used messaging platform by users. Airline Reservation System sends all important documents such as e-ticket on WhatsApp. Booking confirmation and other information such as seat plan, PNR Number, flight details are shared with travelers on WhatsApp. This feature has resulted in better communication between traveler and travel companies and in the delivery of better travel experience to travelers.

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Live Chat Feature: Live chat increases the conversion ratio and thus increases sales of travel agencies. It transforms visitors into customers. Now many travel websites run PPC campaigns to drive traffic to their website. Sometimes they have to pay the heavy amount of per click to get the visitor to their site, to utilize this marketing strategy live chat at least helps to take data of visitors such as the mobile number and email address. Later, these details are transferred to the marketing department, which in turn increases sales. Sometimes visitors face problems during booking process such as not getting desired flight or problems in payment or in search of any information. With live chat features, all problems faced by visitors can be solved by the technical support team. This increases the trust of customers with the travel companies.

live chat feature

All these features help travel companies to establish themselves as a brand in the industry.