Why Travel Technology Companies are Focusing on AI?

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For every industry, Artificial intelligence has now become most important to have a competitive edge. For the travelling industry, it has improved the traveling experience of travelers by personalizing the things. Travel portals who are using artificial intelligence as features have a competitive advantage as they understand that traveling has now become a personal experience for everyone. Every traveler has his own priorities and demands. To work on them, artificial intelligence comes in the picture by analyzing the data of travelers.


Importance of AI for Travel Technology Company:

  • To Offer Personalized Experience: In modern-day traveling, personalization is the Key. If a traveler is searching for a flight for a location, the travel portal should give offers about flights, hotels, activities in that particular city to a traveler. It also helps the travel companies to know about the behavior of travelers and easier to segment the customers. Travel agencies can send offers and newsletters to the travelers about their preferred location. This increases the chances of an increased number of customers.
  • Contact Travellers At Preferable Time: Many travel agencies and companies mail their offers and newsletters to travelers without having any idea whether those emails are being opened or not. Travel Agency Software with artificial intelligence lets travelers receives emails at the time when they tend to open their emails. Apart from this based on the previous data, it writes the subject of the email that a traveler is likely to open.
  • Using Chatbot As Customer Support: Chatbot has now become a powerful tool to provide smooth and flawless customer service. With Artificial Intelligence, chatbots can be integrated with important messengers like Facebook and WhatsApp. So, customer support can respond to the issues of travelers anytime and immediate. Many big hotels are using this technology. Travel agencies or companies can easily send tickets and updates to travelers like delay in flights, cancellations, the package offers to the travelers. This contributes a lot to enhance the customer experience.

Travel technology powered by artificial intelligence has taken the traveling experience to the next level.