Importance of chatbot for Travel Agencies

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As level of competition in travel industry is touching sky, therefore travel agencies are now becoming customer focused. Travel portal software is updated with latest features on a regular interval of time. Technology is making operations easier for travel agencies. Chatbot is now used by travel agencies to improve customer service.

Travel portal software now has an integrated chatbot with it. The primary reason is chatbot is active 24*7 and it responds faster than humans. Its compatibility with tablets and Smartphone also makes it a choice for becoming primary feature. It gives a feeling of personalization to a traveler during journey. Now chatbots are getting much smarter and have capabilities to solve common problems of travelers.

Why Chatbot is important:

Increase Scalability: Human staff has limitation to respond to clients. One person can respond to three to four travelers at a time, whereas a chatbot can respond to any number of travelers simultaneously. This increases the scalability of operations of a travel agency.

Importance of chatbot for Travel Agencies

Handle Client Query: People now do multi-tasking, so it’s easier for travelers to ask their query on chat instead of call. Chatbot responds to common queries automatically. It transfers call to customer support only when required.

Explain features of a Package: As there are so many tour packages for different locations, chatbot explains feature and details of every deal to clients. It assists travelers to go for a package that suits their demands.

Content Marketing: It markets every offers and services to visitors. Travel agencies can show their ‘Deal of the day’ through chatbots. This will increase the sales of that particular offer. It increases market reach as it shows offers and deals to every visitor.

Improve- Efficiency: Chatbots in travel technology solution increases efficiency as it automates customer support and backend operations. Therefore staff will be more productive.

Competitive Advantage: Chatbots give competitive advantage to travel agencies as customer engagement is starts right from moment customer visit travel portal.

Now every travel technology company is offering chatbots in travel technology solution developed by them.