What features you should look for in travel agency software?

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The travel industry is on the boom and so the travel technology companies have to work hard to provide the travel companies with the needed software. Everything is being automated these days and new software is being launched in the market. There are various travel software are that available in the market for the companies to keep up in the race. But you need to see what features you must have in a travel agency software before selecting one.
Some of the features that a travel agency software are –

Flexible and Scalable:

Every travel agency is unique in its size, operation, demand, etc. Therefore, your software should be such that it meets those demands and operations and is flexible and scalable. The software needs to be flexible so that it could offer product variation and be scalable so that it could need the requirements when the business expands and grows in the future.

Customizable tour package:

In today’s time, people choose their accommodation, activities, destinations, and so on. Your software should have this feature if customizing the tour packages to meet the requirements of the people by enabling them to create a customizable tour package. This way your customers will be satisfied and go ahead with the booking.

Reservation Management:

Reservation Management is one of the most important features in the travel agency software as we all know how difficult it becomes to make a reservation. The main function should be tracking the reservation right from the beginning till the end. It should be able to track payment, itineraries, vouchers, invoices, etc. related to the reservations. It should be fully automated so that the customers get all the services that they need.

Quotation Management System:

A good quotation management system is another element that is a must in your travel software. If a travel agent creates a quote for a destination package, he will take around one day but if more factors are associated with it, he will take more than a day. This would be a time-consuming process. To save time and engage the customers, it is better to have an online quotation management system so that quotations can be created in less period. This in turn will improve the efficiency and productivity of the agency.

Payment flexibility:

With the digitalization in process, everyone is switching to various payment modes other than cash. Your software should have this feature of providing various payment options such as net banking, cash, cheque, card, etc. This feature provides convenience to the customers which would be greatly appreciated.

Multilingual and multi-currency:

If you have the feature of multi-currency and multilingual, you can get customers from all over the world. You can serve customers from any country in the world which will help you generate more revenue. The software should have the feature of changing the content to the local language and local currency.