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Globalization has opened the market of the entire globe and it has resulted in huge business opportunities. A company in any part of the world is having its client base in multiple countries. This has resulted in frequent traveling of corporate people. Travel with technology has made it easier and simple to plan and manage bookings. BlazeBe, a travel technology solution assists corporate travelers to find right flight, hotel, and other travel services in quick time.

How BlazeBe results in better corporate bookings:

User-Friendly Interface: The User-Friendly interface is the USP of every travel technology solution to offer simple bookings. BlazeBe offers one way, round way booking, and multiple-location bookings. On a single page, thousands of properties are being shown. They can be filtered on multiple criteria, to give users option that exactly matches with what they are looking. Price comparison option is also there on the interface so that users can assess the value of their money.
It gives both options of domestic booking and international booking to travelers. Other services such as hotel room booking or car booking can also be done from the same platform.


Customization of Policies: BlazeBe offers corporate companies to craft their own booking policies. Companies can easily

  • Decide spending limits on every employee
  • Fix type of hotels and flight class according to designation held by employees.
  • Modify Approval Process

For an example, they can fix to show only business class flight tickets and 5-star hotels for their C-Level executives.

Booking from Anywhere: BlazeBe, travel portal software is also offered in form of mobile apps.  So, HR of a company can book a trip at any time from anywhere. It has a feature of availability of multiple languages. Also, it accepts multiple currencies for payments. This feature has resolved pain point of companies which are located in multiple locations.

Flexibility of Bookings: As in corporate world, things change in a matter of minutes. Not only it accepts last minute bookings, but also it offers to make changes. This allows companies to easily manage changes.

BlazeBe is developed by a leading travel technology company in India. It has solved many pain points of corporate traveling and it offers better traveling experience to the corporate world.