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A white-label travel portal lets a travel agency sell flight, hotel, and holiday tours to their customers by using their brand and logo. Because of this simple process, the demand for white-label travel portal is increased. Travel agencies can contact a travel technology company for a reliable and efficient white-label travel portal solution. This will allow travel agencies to engage with travelers in depth. A white label travel portal has a list of features such as it allows agencies to use their logo, user-friendly UI, integrated payment gateway, agent dashboard for bookings management, B2C & B2B modules, Chatbot integration, hotel management software, and integration of email. It has everything that a travel portal has and is beneficial for travel startups and small travel agencies who do not have the time & budget to develop their own travel portal.

Advantages of white label travel portal solution for travel agencies:

Increase In Sales & Revenue: Its user-friendly interface helps in better engagement with customers. Because of this, travelers use it again and consider it to book their trips repeatedly.

Saves Time: The travel industry needs time and developed skills to prepare a portal for travelers. But with a white-label travel portal, you can save this time and energy. It will take charge of managing all your travel bookings.

Wide Range Of Services: It gives many types of booking options to the travelers such as flights, buses, hotels, tourist activities, travel itineraries, etc. as it has multiple supplier bases. With a white-label solution, a customer can easily navigate through multiple options, and gets competitive pricing for all bookings, thus resulting in a higher customer retention rate.

Customized: The travel portal can be customized and designed as per the needs of a travel agency. Its detailed report and analytics modules can help travel agencies track customer data and their travel history. Moreover, it also enables travel companies to access the travel inventory in real time and give the best option to their customers.

Technical Support: The provider of the white label travel portal also offers technical and customer support to travel agents so that they will sail the travel agent through any problem faced by travel agencies in accessing the portal.