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With the launch of travel portal solution, the travel industry has been transformed. As every industry is adapting technology to make work easier, so how can travel industry be left behind. Travel Portal Solution has brought positive changes in the travel industry by automating inventory management, automating ticket booking system and automating the information, details, and updates.

Prior to Travel Portal Software, planning a trip was a complicated task. Travel Portal software has changed conventional methods of hotel and flight ticket booking. One has to go to a travel agent for booking and reservation of flights and train tickets. After reaching the destination, one or two persons in the group search for hotels to stay or they have to contact travel agents for booking the hotel room. Also, visitors going for the first time to a place had to book a guide or ask the local residents for the famous spots. Booking of the car was done by the local agent.

Travel Technology Company

Travel Portal Solution has changed the entire situation now. Now flights, hotels, and car booking are done online on a phone or computer. Gone are the days when we had to approach a travel agent for booking of flights and hotels. Travel Portal Solution is now integrated with GDS which updates every detail such as time of flight, seat availability, pricing to end-users. Even a traveler can compare prices of different airline companies and hotels. It also provides a thumbnail picture of hotel, room, nearby locations and distance of hotels form the spots to be visited. This also maintains the data and it generates reports which can be used for increasing sales by sending discounts and offers.

Travel Portal Solution

Not only travelers but travel agencies have also been benefitted as it has replaced pen and paperwork to maintain records by computer and clicks. With only a click one can access to each and every piece of information.

Advantages of Travel Technology Solution are listed below:

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction
  • Increases revenue and sales
  • Easy access to data
  • Can be accessed from any location
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Generates automated invoices
  • Easy refunds and cancellation process
  • Prompt response to travelers.

It also saves the time of traveler and travel agencies. Travel agencies are using travel portal software with GDS for online hotel booking and flight ticket booking.