Travel Midoffice / Backoffice Solution

IT4T Solutions offers comprehensive

Travel Midoffice


Travel Backoffice

system to operate both within travel agency and with agency's agent network on same platform. Complete integration with your B2C website to manage different pre and post booking functions and also to perform B2B related access and required operations through our travel Backoffice solution.
Backoffice / Midoffice access would help you to setup direct relations with your business associates regardless of geographical locations of your company and spread of your agent network. Our Travel Midoffice solution is designed in a way it can also be used as standalone booking management system to manage bookings manually for travel agents, travel company, OTA. Staff member can assign different login details and bookings created by them can be easily maintain into the system with booking queue management system as well, full logs of booking activities are also being managed within the system and fully available to check by admin at any time during the process.

Features in Travel Backoffice / Midoffice Solution

  • Quick Desktop view
  • Graphical presentation of current booking details for each services (flight / hotel / etc)
  • Booking graph comparison, with per day view
  • Quick shortcut buttons, customization according to the frequently used operations
  • Quick view for latest bookings in system, and one click open
  • Company Management
  • IP based restriction for staff access, works on range of IP
  • Exchange range management
  • Roles & rights based access for complete security
  • Manual booking for Flight, Hotel, Transfer etc.
  • CMS to control B2C & B2B advertisements and other information
  • Markup management
  • Staff Management
  • Supplier management
  • MIS generation
  • Single view booking window for all information
  • Booking Queue management- Provisional, Authorized, Payment, Ticket etc.
  • Block booking access with single agent at same time
  • Payment due date setup
  • Edit existing bookings and add new bookings in existing booking reference number
  • Search fare with(XML)/without(NEGOTIATED CONTRACTS) availability
  • Import PNR
  • Option to do fare quote and record client inquiry & convert the same in real booking at later stage
  • Multiple payment modes - credit card/ cheque / cash / others
  • Complete customer info for customer sales
  • Booking logs to track each step involved in booking, with history of any modification in booking
  • Access Portal or B2B bookings and modify the same
  • Booking queues/lists to track bookings on different steps
  • Attach notes with a booking to save extra information
  • Send messages to colleagues related to a booking