Query Management

BlazeBE provides a very user-friendly tool to manage the queries received on the portal. When any customer coming to your website and makes some searches on based of his requirements and wants to submit a request to receive a call back from your Back office team, this can be done on the website. Any query submitted by the customer would be listed under the back office system under the query module from where any user having the rights to assign the received query to staff members to follow up; he can do it simply through back office.

Once the query received is assigned to a staff member, the current status of the query can be easily tracked by system admin

Features available in Query Management

  • Responsive design with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Queries received would have listing to assign within staff
  • Know current status of the assign query
  • Booking notes attached with query inputs
  • Mannual bookings can be created for queries received