Corporate Booking Engine - BlazeBE

Corporate Booking Engine for travel is developed to assist agencies in managing the travel programs of different sized companies. Our corporate plan provides different levels of access to the booking engine which empowers full control to manage the travel plans of the corporation requirements.

Our Corporate booking engine module offering flexible management of the travel needs of the corporation and its employees and optimizing the booking process. Travel agencies serving corporate clients are able to increase the efficiency and productivity of their corporate travel business, by taking advantage of the corporate module.

The challenge for most travel management is to enforce adherence to travel policy. Our travel policy engine can be configured to ensure 100% policy compliance. The policy level settings can be configured on a business unit, cost center, band, designation, department, location or title.Custom reports engine enables your organization to derive data to measure the effectiveness of your travel program, track and analyze travel budgets across the entire organization.

Features under Corporate Booking Engine

  • Manage business unit for corporate
  • Managers and employees can track their day-to-day travel needs.
  • Manage sub division of business unit
  • Manage cost center details of each sub division
  • Manage department according to sub division
  • Manage designation with reporting hierarchy, users can be of below types
  • - No approval required
  • - Over Budget – approval require for over budget booking
  • Always – approval require for every booking
  • Manage different bands, where band would be used to manage employee policy
  • Manage domestic and international locations / city to apply different policy
  • Manage approval reasons
  • Manage general settings like emails restrictions, approval levels, approval reminders, saving on fare comparison alerts, travelling time restrictions etc.
  • Manage general policy on budget for minimum and maximum range on domestic and international bookings
  • Manage employee lists
  • Manage travel policy
  • Generate multiple MIS reports
  • Option for emails on different levels