How travel technology can deliver better experience to travelers
How travel technology can deliver better experience to travelers
October 15, 2020
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December 1, 2020
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Best Features of Online Hotel Booking Engine

Travelers of the 21st generation now prefer online to do everything online such as shopping, booking movie tickets, booking flights and hotels, etc. Easy availability of Smartphone at low cost and wide usage of internet has enabled to book hotel rooms online. In order to increase bookings and outperform the competition, hotels have to adopt online hotel booking engine. Every hotelier must consider some features for picking hotel booking engine.

Salient Features of Online Hotel Booking Engine Designed By Travel Technology Company are:

Customer Registration and login: Traveler can easily set up their account by using their email id and phone number. From account, the traveler can access information about their order such as reference number, transaction id and much more.


Flexibility: Flexibility is the most important feature of any software. It should allow hotelier to

  • Display Updated logo of Hotel
  • Add high definition images of property that attracts travelers
  • Virtual tour of hotel and rooms
  • No limit on the addition of rooms
  • Food ordering feature


Attractive Design: Hotel booking engine must have an appealing design so that it attracts travelers. This will lead to increase conversion ration.

User-Friendly Interface: User Interface must be simple and easy to use. It should be highly responsive so that customer can book rooms easily and quickly.

Mobile Ready: People now prefer mobile over desktop or laptops. More than half of online bookings come from the mobile route. Hotel Reservation system of any hotel must have its presence in form of mobile apps and has availability on android platform and on the app store. Mobile presence improves the brand visibility and it also provides important details of traveler such as name, number, email id etc.

Rich in Features: It must have features that help hotels in retaining of customers such as.

  • Review and Rating feature must be there so that hotel can study customer behavior.


  • Options for related services such as car booking, food ordering


  • Multiple options for payments such as net banking, debit and credit cards, mobile wallet etc.


Regular Updates: In this world of innovation many technologies are introduced and existing technologies are updated every day. To meet changes updates of online hotel booking engine must be released after a regular interval of time.

Nearby Attractions: Hotel Booking Engine should be able to show nearby famous spots, sightseeing etc

Map View with Prices: Map view helps travelers to see all the possible options in their planned destination, their proximity from the airport along with prices of hotels.



Advanced Search Options: Travelers can search for hotels based on different parameters such as

  • Destination
  • Time and Duration of stay
  • Star Ratings based on Review and Ratings
  • Direct Search
  • Multiple options of view list such as grid view, list view and more

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